Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Indonesian PPC (Adspeedy.com)

Adspeedy is Indonesian PPC (Adspeedy.com) service with features "Individual Zone" that pro-publisher, this feature allows you to negotiate directly with the Advertiser if they want to link your blog / product installed your blog. Price prelink can you set yourself, and also features a menu to determine how long the link is attached Advertiser. There are per week, per month, even daily. So you can install bandroll to determine the price based on the selected duration Advertiser.

If the Advertiser interested in the price you offer they can directly contact you for negotiations. I think this is a very interesting feature, so the publisher was given full authority on his own blog space.

There is another feature called "Global Zone", if the zone of privacy that is your nature Individuals are empowered to negotiate with each other Advertiser, but mechanisms such as the Global Zone PPC generally, you are displaying ads randomly from the HTML code inserted / tucked into your blog and earn points if the ad is clicked your visitors.

Prices for the Global Zone:

* Rp.150.00 / click
* Rp.1000.00 / impression

Also worthy to mention that Adspeedy also have an affiliate program that you will get a commission if getting publishers and advertisers through your referral link.

Tips if you want to display their ads, then select the category of "umum" or "general"

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