Saturday, December 25, 2010

Different ways to Learn SEO basics

Written by Nick Stamoulis ShareThis

If you're like many web site owners and entrepreneurs out there you might try to find out just how it is that you can do some good from your search engine optimization and marketing efforts yourself to reduce costs. There are ways you can do to learn as much as you can when it comes to online marketing your own website. That's just down to make time to learn some basics to help you get things moving with search engine marketing.

Read SEO Blogs
There are many amazing search engine marketing related blogs are updated with wonderful information almost every day for the entire community to read, for free. If you are serious about learning about the various methods to increase the visibility and traffic you will have to take the time to read every day. Go through some blogs search engine optimization and then narrow down which one you like and stick to reading every day if possible.

Here are a few SEO blogs you might enjoy (in addition to my blog!)

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Saudara Blog
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• SEOmoz
• Search Engine Watch
• Search Engine Journal
• Top Rank Blog
Matt Cutts Official • Blog

Watch SEO and SEM Related Videos Online
If you are not a lot of readers, you can watch videos to kill that is out there in the search space. Sometimes video can really help you understand things a little easier than sitting there and have read many pages of content. Websites like YouTube and Howcast is a great resource to use to search for different channels and videos that layout step by step process that can help you understand how to market your own online business.

Helpful video source to watch:
• Google Webmaster YouTube Channel
• Search Engine Strategies (SES) YouTube Channel

Social Media
If you're already on different social media platforms become a fan on some search marketing industry leading fan page for updates so you can see them coming through every day. Chances are they just cream plant that came rolling through the update so you can bet that the information very useful. Most of the teachers of internet marketing really embraced social media marketing and has been a breeding ground for great information that can help an individual learn what they want to learn.

Twitter is also a very important source of information because some of the larger source of trusted Twitter very active and usually brings a lot of fascinating material to the public in the flow of Twitter. This is information that pro use every day to market their websites online.

Twitter useful source for the following:
• Nick Stamoulis Twitter (have to give myself a plug here too!)
• Lee Odden Twitter
• Rand Fishkin Twitter

SEO and Search Engine Marketing Training
If you really do not have time to take the long road raised to read and watch the video to educate yourself in the world of search engine optimization and marketing you can be satisfied only with a full blown training program. A training program can really help you streamline the process of learning how to do SEO. Reading and watching videos are great, but trial and error along with a structured training may be needed to really learn what you read. A training program can help you cut through the chase and learn what you need to know. It really depends what your time and situation. If you want to learn how to apply various search engine marketing and optimization efforts involved in the training program may be right for you.

SEO training program assistance:
• SEO Training by Brick Marketing
• Sempo Institute
• Bruce Clay SEO Training

After you have spent some good time learning to yourself or go through a training program to try and find a website you may have and start experimenting with various techniques that can help you test what you have learned. You do not want to test something that you do not believe in a site that brings in the calculation of income for your livelihood. Have fun with it because once you start seeing results very satisfactory. Just take your time to make a strategy together and enjoy your new knowledge....

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