Saturday, December 18, 2010


This time I will discuss how the internet with the operators im3 settings on the computer. Because there are still many people who can not connect to it. This setting does not use any software that can facilitate, but can be difficult for people who do not understand at all. Here's how:

1. Connect with your handphone first computer using a USB cable.
2. Click [Start], [Control Panel], [Network Connection].
3. In the left window select the link [Create a new connection].
4. Click [Next], select [Connect to the Internet], then [Next], select [Set up my connection manually], then [Next], select [Connect using a dial-up modem], click [Next], select the modem mobile phone [name of cell phone type], then [Next].
5. Fill in the [ISP Name] with [indosatgprs], click [Next].
6. Fill in the [Phone number] with [* 99 *** 1 #] or [* 99 *** 10 #], then [Next].
7. Fill in the [User name, Passwors, and Confirm Password] with indosatgprs, [Next].
8. Write a check in box [Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop], [Finish].
9. Open [indosatgprs] on your computer desktop.
10. Fill in the [User name and Password] with indosatgprs, then click [Dial].

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