Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bing Feature Update: Identify any city destination faster with the new page

Source: released a feature that makes it easier to travel research and planning to more than 3000 cities around the world.

New features assemble all relevant information about the goals on one page so you can research the city before you go. The things above you need to plan your trip - including flight information, a list of hotels in the area, popular attractions, local events, local news, photos civilian, overview maps and weather - now in one place.

Click into each section to see the complete list or galleries that are relevant to the city. If you are looking for a local city, Bing can recognize that you shut down and serve the results accordingly. For example, you're thinking to travel to Miami this winter. Type Miami, FL into the search box, and click on "Explore a City " to check the destination city.

* 3000 cities around the world.
* The contextual content based on user's location.
* Rich content including events, news, pictures, videos, weather, flights, and hotels.

Wherever you go, the new destination page Bing is the perfect place to start!

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