Friday, January 7, 2011


Today, exactly Friday January 7, is the best day for me. Today went well. Still seemed a long time, but over time give me something best.

Wasted so much time at school much of an impression today. All my friends will remember this the best day. Today is not like the days are usually in school. Jokes and laughter always decorate my time at school. Thank friends.

That only a short time at home these days makes me more into the spirit. Both my parents loved ones will always remember this special day. So also with the sister, brother, and my grandparent. Although today I did not receive a special gift from my family feel very happy. At my age of 16, I will try to become independent. Not always dependent with a parent. Thank family.

The main thing I thank you that cut no limit to Allah SWT. Who has given everything the best for me. Especially on this day.

Hoping all the best for me and for all the family and my brother in this world. Thank Allah SWT. You allways in me.

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