Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A message from my english teacher at SMA NEGERI 3 SEMARANG beloved. Mrs. Qomariah. Should we as Indonesia could follow the example of a good culture of singapore. A message from him after a study tour of Singapore. Hear his message, the students touched his heart to be able to imitate the good singapore culture.

Culture that she tell me, among others:
1. singapore people consciousness higher than those of Indonesia.
2. singapore people really respect honesty.
3. Singapore people concerned with good hygiene.
4. They really appreciate singapore tourists who come.
5. Singapore people always pay attention to people.
6. Singapore is good-hearted person.

She has experience in singapore, there are :
1. Because Singapore is maintaining the security of its people, for tourists who come must meet both criteria.
2. Very clean city state.
3. The traffic police are orderly although not visible on the road.
4. People appreciate singapore tourists, especially tourists Islam when they wanted to eat. they do not let tourists Islam is forbidden to eat pork.
5. When on the road, the other riders appreciate singapore. They will be patient to wait behind a car that would turn things around. They also rarely use the car bell.
6. When the construction of roads or houses are always done at night so as not to disturb people in the daytime.
7. Singapore Student very smart because it always respect honesty in doing something.

We as neighbors should be able to imitate the good culture of the country is singapore. Let's spread this news to all Indonesian people had come to himself. To create Indonesia as the countries with modern culture.

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